Talent Powered Team — service for building and managing agile project teams of freelancers

  • Find independent contractors (for customers), find projects (for independent contractors),
  • Create projects for simultaneous work of several performers working as a team,
  • Built-in task tracker to manage and control projects, distribute tasks between participants and monitor project progress,
  • Secure Deal — all projects should be paid in advance,
  • Built-in messenger,
  • Transfer of rating and scores gained on other freelance platforms.
  • No fee, the platform is free of charge,
  • No losses, the reputation stays strong, when you switch to Talent Powered Team. We transfer your rating from other popular platforms,
  • 100% advanced payment is guaranteed,
  • Ability to works in a team of independent contractors to work with larger customers on larger projects to earn more,
  • Keeping each project organized with the help of the task tracker.
  • Ability to hire both individual contractors and teams to work on larger projects,
  • Set tasks in projects and monitor their implementation using the task tracker,
  • Guarantee of a qualitative result through a secure transaction (independent contractor receives money only in case of showing fruitful results)
  • Secure payment from an individual and a legal entity to different countries with the possibility of obtaining documents.



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Talent Powered Team

Talent Powered Team

Talent Powered Team enables teamlancing for businesses in the IT industry and Creator Economy.